My grandchild doesn't know he is learning his ABC's or Numbers...
He thinks he is playing games!
Lois H – Grandmother of One (Age 6)

Teachers Zoodles

As a first grade teacher I highly recommend this site. Parents are always asking me for educational websites. And this site has it all…age appropriate games, specific subject selection, summary of child's activities, and it's safe. It's so easy for parents to use and it is fun for their children.
Sandy T – First Grade Teacher

Parents Zoodles

I love it! My 3 year old wakes up in the morning and asks to play her "school".
Maria V – Mother of Two (Ages 2, 3)

Recording myself reading stories to my kids on Maybe someday they'll see this and have good memories. :) *warm fuzzies*
Hillary – Mother of One (Age 1)

My daughter is 2 and a half and loves Zoodles. The new mail feature is awesome. She loves getting video mail from her auntie. Zoodles is a safe way for my daughter to use the computer. Thank you Zoodles!
Melissa A – Mother of One (Age 2.5)

If you have small children and you've tried to let them play games without Zoodles you know that they click every ad, link etc. Zoodles limits them from accidentally leaving the "safe" sites.
April C – Mother of Three (Ages 2 months, 2, and 3)

My almost 3 year old daughter LOVES the video mail!!! We have a touch screen computer so it is very easy for her to use. The funny thing is that when Grandma sends her mail, she thinks she is having a conversation with her! She will replay it 10 times in a row repeating the same "conversation" with her over and over! Super fun!
Jessica P – Mother of Four (Ages 3, 8, 11, 13)

I am shocked, awed and astonished with how AWESOME this browser is. My 6 year old has not put down the computer and I haven't put down the reporting and changing the settings when I see her playing too many reading games, I just change it so she's playing more science games. I love Zoodles so far!
Tami W – Mother of Two (Ages 6, 9)

It's a great way to give her something constructive to do so I can get some time to clean up, cook, etc
Steve C – Father of One (Age 6)

Its awesome! I can set a timer and rotate computer use between my 3 boys (even the 1 year old) with practically no supervision for the 3 and 6 year old.. I absolutely love it.
Noni-Ayanna – Mother of Three (Ages 1, 3, 6)

Grandparents Zoodles

My grandchild doesn't know he is learning his ABC's or Numbers...
He thinks he is playing games!
Lois H – Grandmother of One (Age 6)

My granddaughter is 3 1/2 and can use Zoodles all by herself. It's perfect for her, and she always asks to play after her nap. For me, it's special bonding time with her.
Dianne M – Grandmother of One (Age 4)

When I opened Zoodles' Jack and the Beanstalk, Lucas was charmed and loved every picture and every word. I read it, and we spent a long time looking at each picture. He hung on every word, and he would want to go back and reread some of the pages and examine the pictures. The artwork is great for a 3-year old. He even learned that carrots grow in the ground, from the last picture. I was practically in tears, I was so relieved to know that we've found a way for Lucas to learn to love books and reading.
Jeanelle R – Grandma of One (Age 3)