Dave Young
Director of Product Design
As a child Dave loved watching Sesame Street and playing games on the Speak and Spell and Apple II that he shared with his older sister.

Prior to joining Zoodles, Dave was a User Experience Designer for Google on several core products (Maps, Docs, Gmail, AdWords) and some really fun 20% projects (Trends, Moderator). He has also worked for and was a Teachers Assistant for Kindergarten, Pre-K and Preschool classes at a Reggio Emiliaâ„¢ school. Dave attended Carnegie Mellon University where he received his bachelors degree from the College of Fine Arts and his masters degree from the School of Computer Science.
Jonathan Thomas
Director of Engineering
Jonathan appreciates a good gadget -- particularly when he can simulate it on the computer. His first science-fair project (about 'stress in the body') was a virtual mood ring, which he programmed in BASIC on his TRS-80.

Learning and learning about learning have also been important to Jonathan. His exposure to and appreciation for educational methods (and particularly the Montessori Method) came (in a round-about fashion) through Jonathan's study of psychologist Erik Erickson, as part of Jonathan's master's program.